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Painting furniture with General Finishes Holiday Red

      One of my favorite General Finishes combos is Holiday Red with Pitch Black glaze effects layered over. You can either do a “dirty glaze” and add Pitch Black glaze effects directly over your 2 base coats of Holiday Red or you can do a more “detailed glaze” and after your base coats, you can layer a coat of topcoat and then add the glaze effects over the topcoat. I love both ways and will go back and forth between the two ways depending on the piece I am working on. 

    Sometimes I layered over Holiday Red with Patina Green and other General Finishes colors for boho or rustic looks. Sometimes I don’t layer the pieces at all and just topcoat over the Holiday Red.

How to get the Holiday Red / Pitch Black Glaze look using General Finishes Products

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